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Radioactive Artist Changchet

KATHMANDU - As the tens of thousands of people enter the house, children are beginning to see healings on the roof of their homes. Healing comes immediately after tens of thousands. Healing is especially evident in children and young people. Different organizations have begun organizing healings and cheats in order to give a glimpse of the original culture and sports of the village, to give a glimpse of the flying. A similar program was seen on Radio Kantipur in Pulchowk on Friday. The ChangiChat program, organized by the Kantipur Radio family, healed and exchanged well wishes among the radio artists and artists. Radio and other artists, including station manager of Kantipur Radio, Dinesh DC, celebrated the healing of the flight. The atmosphere at the radio station's ceiling was very interesting because of the competition for who to heal, and the hooting of your supporters. Everyone was hooked on the music and dance of the dance along with the healings. 'It was a lot of f

Nervous the director - By Actress

Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has traveled from Bollywood to Hollywood, has not confined herself to the actress only. In America, she was introduced to the singer. The same Priyanka has been busy with filmmaking lately. Priyanka, who is married to American singer Nick Jonas, was afraid to direct the film. 'If there's anything that makes me nervous, it's the instruction. Because the instructional style has a lot of responsibility. But slowly, I moved from acting to acting to producing. Hopefully, someday the guidance will come too. ' Recently, Priyanka was offered to star in Sonali Bose's film 'The Sky is Pink'. But after reading the script, the actress wanted to become not only an artist but also a producer. This is the second time she has made a film for a female director, having already produced 'ventilator' and 'guest'. However, she believes that 'sex does not define anything'. In his view, men or women should be able or

A growing biopic in Bollywood

Kathmandu - Often the film takes viewers into the fantasy world and interviews its characters and events. That is why film is considered a creative medium. But sometimes the film tells the story of an actual event or character. Which is called biopic. In Bollywood, by now, biopic, the story of a player, artist, leader or a heroic, unexpected event has grown. By the end of 19, a dozen biopic releases have been released in Bollywood. The last wave of the biopic is believed to have spiked after the hit film The Dirty Picture, based on Silk Smitha's biography towards the end of the year. Vidyalan Wallen starrer Dirty Picture not only made money at the box office, it also won three National Awards. Then another biopic Pansingh Tomar, who came in 2, tasted similar success. By the time it came to 9, Riot, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Sarvajeet, Nirja, more than half a dozen biopices earned their name and price. Last year too, films like Padman, Sanju, Gold came out keeping up with the

Hope to understand EPG report disappears

KATHMANDU - The Enlightenment Group (EPG) has questioned the willingness of the report prepared by the Enlightenment Group (EPG) after 'instructing foreign secretaries of both countries to review the treaty agreement, including the 1959' agreement with Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who arrived two weeks ago to attend the bilateral mechanism meeting. Instead of understanding the report prepared by the EPG for six years, expert members of the group are starting to suspect that the suspects are overthrown. Contemporary Devendra Bhattarai spoke with Surynath Upadhyay , a member of the EPG, on the dimension of bilateral relations and the position that Nepal should hold in regard to this 'uncertain situation' of the report: For many years, sometimes at the secretary level, sometimes at the staff level, committees, commissions and mechanisms have been closed. Everyone's job and mandate is to review Nepal-India relations. What was the hope and confidence of the

Make a sweat fund: Kul Acharya

The 9th World Conference of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), which has a branch in the country and the international convention, is choosing a new leadership. According to the announcement, there is competition between vice-president Kumar Pant and Kul Acharya for the chairmanship. Pant is working in Germany while Acharya is a British businessman. About 100 delegates attending the conference started on Tuesday, possibly one of them will be elected by Wednesday evening. Edited excerpts from Krishna Acharya of Kantipur and Vijay Timalsina , who are busy with campaigning, campaigning, and consensus on various agendas. Why your candidacy in the NRNA chair? Non-resident Nepali Association (NRNA) should be made of an organization rather than an individual. I have been working on the Executive Committee for 2 years. From the floor of the Executive Committee, I became a member of the UK's NRNA, Vice President, Chairman and then member of the International Coordinating Counc

Free Subscription: Kumar Pant

The 9th World Conference of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), which has a branch in the country and the international convention, is choosing a new leadership. According to the announcement, there is competition between vice-president Kumar Pant and Kul Acharya for the chairmanship. Pant is working in Germany while Acharya is a British businessman. About 100 delegates attending the conference started on Tuesday, possibly one of them will be elected by Wednesday evening. Edited excerpts by Krishna Acharya and Vijay Timalsina of Pant Kantipur, who are busy in campaigning, discussing and agreeing with different agendas: Why your candidacy in the NRNA chair? The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) was founded in 2, it has been 3 years. Since its inception, we have said that the knowledge, skills and techniques learned by non-resident Nepalese bring to the prosperity of Nepal. We have achieved significant success in bringing capital. Individually and collectively, non-res

Special Interview with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli: We do not play each other's 'cards' against each other

Kathmandu - Gardens are now built inside the Prime Minister's residence, Baluwatar. Looks a bit green. It has been laid to demolish the old residence and make it new. The look and feel of the building has increased the noise here. Even those who came to the meeting since morning have not been broken. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's Singha Durbar allotment has fallen a little since he returned to Singapore for treatment last time. Most of the work is done by sand. He also called a cabinet meeting on Thursday morning. Ministers were waiting in the hall. But recently after the successful visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the prime minister, who was very enthusiastic, was in the mood for a long talk at his residence. Pushing on the cabinet meeting, he talked to Kantipur for an hour-and-a-half minutes. Here is an edited part of the interview taken by Prime Minister Olisag Sudhir Sharma and Durga Khanal : How long have you been to the President of China after a visit to Nepal

My marriage to BP during the tour: Shashank Koirala

Congress general secretary Shashank Koirala, who always appears in an informal dress, has been in discussion since being seen in the formal getup of Durasurwal at the party's Chiapana last Sunday. Many have started analyzing this getup by connecting it to the convention of the adjacent party. Kulchand Neupane of Kantipur talks with Shashank on the political meaning and party leadership of the new getup: Did you suddenly appear in a national outfit at a party tea party, does that make sense? Looked like many. Probably the image of BP may have caught the eye. The first time I wore a daur was at my wedding. The suit came on behalf of his wife. That's where I sewed. Ba (BP) said, "Wherever it is, we have to start a tour." I said, 'I don't have a race.' He said, 'Take me.' And I was married to her son-in-law. Don't wear it then? Then specially logged. I only wear it occasionally. I should have applied 5/3 times. The last time was to attend a

Prime Minister Oli's meeting with Pakistani President and Bangladeshi Prime Minister

Baku (Azerbaijan) - Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina met on Saturday at the Baku Congress Center premises. They met during the eighteenth summit of the unrelated campaign. Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali informed that they discussed energy cooperation, proper utilization of transit support, speeding up of trade activities as well as bilateral relations and mutual interest. The two leaders also discussed the process of the recently blocked South Asian Regional Cooperation Organization (SAARC) and the work that Nepal and Bangladesh can do jointly to bring it back on its way. Similarly, Prime Minister Oli and Pakistani President Arif Alvi met at Baku Congress Center today. During the meeting, they discussed issues of bilateral interest. Foreign Minister Gyawali informed that they discussed the negative impact of climate change in the Hindu Kush Himalayas, the blocking process of SAARC and the current and emerging challenges faced by both c

Kerung Market - A place famous by trains

RUSUWA - The talk of reaching Kathmandu by train from China to Kerung recently has increased publicity for Kerung. China is pushing a plan to bring the train from Sigatse to Tibet to Kerung. He claims to come to Kerung, the Himalayan Valley of China by 3-4. This is the point of the Chinese train going to Nepal. The railway station to Kathmandu will be constructed in Kerung. Rasuwagadhi Naka is considered by China's federal government as the gateway to South Asia. Therefore, Rasuwa Customs Office Chief Customs Officer, Reikram Khadka said the business is increasing day by day in Kerung. After the earthquake, physical infrastructure is rapidly developing in the Kerung area towards China. The Chinese government is developing Kerung with the Rasuwagadhi border a priority. Many modern buildings and houses are now being built in Kerung, which was the only common market till the earthquake. Government offices have been added. Large drypots are being constructed for warehousing. A two-la