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Make a sweat fund: Kul Acharya

The 9th World Conference of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), which has a branch in the country and the international convention, is choosing a new leadership. According to the announcement, there is competition between vice-president Kumar Pant and Kul Acharya for the chairmanship. Pant is working in Germany while Acharya is a British businessman.

About 100 delegates attending the conference started on Tuesday, possibly one of them will be elected by Wednesday evening. Edited excerpts from Krishna Acharya of Kantipur and Vijay Timalsina , who are busy with campaigning, campaigning, and consensus on various agendas.

Why your candidacy in the NRNA chair?
Non-resident Nepali Association (NRNA) should be made of an organization rather than an individual. I have been working on the Executive Committee for 2 years. From the floor of the Executive Committee, I became a member of the UK's NRNA, Vice President, Chairman and then member of the International Coordinating Council. And I became vice president through Europe Coordinator. So now my candidacy for the post of president is natural.

What are your agendas?
I have made a 5 point agenda public on a regional basis. I have made them public through press conferences. Let not the offspring receive the same tribulation as we did abroad. Nepalese are sweating all over the world. But there are various problems associated with that sweat and labor. So the first thing I do is create a sweat fund. Second, it focuses on the problems in the diaspora. There are citizenship issues. I am taking initiative to resolve it, I will continue to do so. There are also agendas to utilize in Nepal, strengthening the knowledge that you have learned in the diaspora. I will formulate a new program to support the tourism year 1 set by the Government of Nepal. There is talk of dignifying foreign employment. I also have an agenda about women and youth. Priorities are the issues of labor, investment, citizenship and youth and women.

Said 'sweat fund'. What kind of concept is this?
This is a kind of 'charity fund'. I started the sweat fund program from across the UK. Malaysia and the Middle East are not the only workers living in the country. For those of us who live in the UK for the first time, we have gone through labor. So let all the workers' hearts be touched. Through the Foundation, I have developed the concept of charity so that I can feel what it is like to help and support when there is a disaster. I have decided to register it in the UK. The fund is trying to make the funds available to Nepali people all over the world.

Similar funds have already been announced by the NRNA. What's the difference between this and that?
We've announced it before. I have put money in it too. Now some people are looking to collect money and double it. Let's double that too. But the sweat fund is like a charity. Each country will be able to deposit a small amount of money into it.

There are various disorders within the nRNA. Don't you have an agenda for improvement?
That's my candidacy for that. The true, holy spirit should advance the organization in terms of social service. It feels like running for the position now in this organization. I urge everyone to look at my work and evaluate it, rather than what I do for the betterment of the organization. I am committed to working for the benefit of the organization with selfless spirit. Of course, the organization is a bit out of place. It needs to be improved.

Talked about improving. But now there is more politics and distortion. Are you involved?
Many people ask me 'Which party do you belong to?' Ask that From the beginning, I have said that my party is an NRNA. So far, in which party, in which committee have I sat and worked? All parties have supported me. Someone might have helped a little closer, someone might have stayed behind and helped. The biggest industry in Nepal is the political industry. The political arena is also the place where many get jobs. If someone got a job I would say nothing. Otherwise we are soldiers of the Non Resident Nepali Union and my candidature is for the Non Resident Nepali Union.

What do you call a candidate near Congress?
Have I worked as a party for six years? I am working independently in NRN. No party has been subscribed yet, except for NRNA membership. Who can tell me the party candidate? How can you say Someone may have helped me. People from all parties have supported. I am not a candidate for the party, but an NRA candidate.

You said that there are disorders in the union. What do you think are the defects within the nRNA?
During this time, some friends made immature decisions, rather than letting some work maturely. Due to which the organization has suffered losses. For example, one of the executive directors of the secretariat was fired on New Year's Day. He was reinstated by the labor court. Came back That is why it didn't work for a year. We still have one Executive Director and one Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As a result, the organization suffered losses. There are still activities to influence the election. Whether I live in the UK or in another country or even as a candidate for president, I have not come forward to impress. Just look at my work. Therefore, whatever I do, I call it a distraction to influence the election. You already know who tried to cause the disorder.

How they are trying to make an impact. Is voting, paying rent, feeding, or some other way?
There has been a slight similarity. Despite this, I do not understand why there is a need for a position in this organization. In that case, it is happening to the Nepalese people all over the world that the non-resident Nepalese Association is being misused.

This is a money-making organization, say many people. How much are you spending on this election?
It is more natural to walk, roam, eat, than spend money. I did not spend that for elections. But while traveling, eating with friends, living has cost. Hearing that a lot is being spent. But I don't know if that is true or not. The registration fee of the candidate for the chairperson is Rs. Another 2-3 lakhs of food, maybe stay. That's what I spend.

The president's candidate says that it should cost Rs.
If anyone has done that, he is keeping it. I haven't I did not know who did it. Don't do that.

Didn't you spend your money to bring in voters, keep them, feed them?
Is not
Let's change the context. Do you have any agendas for changing the structure of the NRNA?
These things are simple. The list of participants in the conference can be finalized from the respective country. Electronic voting can be arranged. We had to bring good things from abroad and give good examples. We had to bring in the skills we learned abroad. How can we say that we bring the knowledge we have learned from outside, even if we show the trends happening in Nepal? We need to make the nRNA transparent. The foundation should be clean and solid. Policy institutions should be created. Whoever has the potential, should use it to return to Nepal.

We have already passed a document that says Vision 1-3. Accordingly, the secretariat is to be strengthened, the chief executive officer is well controlled and the planning is to be presidential. The organization itself is supposed to run. But not only did it pass, it had to be implemented. Let's flag the land of all the nations like the United Nations. We were told to keep an office in all the countries. This meant that everyone could be more integrated. There is still some individualism in this institutional structure of the union. The organization has to be stronger than the individual.

He talked about investing in Nepal. But to date, the allegations against the NRNA have not been made and implemented in the election agenda. How to believe in it?
Nothing was happening. There has been some investment, both individually and collectively. But let's not forget that we are first generation non-resident Nepalese. The first generation has its own problems, to be strong. Having overcome those problems, I have to work so that others do not suffer as I do. This effort by first generation Nepali is positive. It should proceed with more effectiveness. We are about 1/3 of the total direct investment. But if we do in groups, thousands and millions of dollars can be invested into the homeland, even millions of dollars. Non-Resident Nepali Association is a social organization.
The organization is not investing. Individuals, groups or companies make investments. The organization will only encourage it. The example given by the first generation is positive. Much of what has been done rather than doing, is taken as encouragement.

He spoke of being optimistic. But recently the issue of asking for donations to run the NRNA secretariat was made public?
You have to ask them how your friends made it public.

Aren't you the vice president of the same committee?
I take on the responsibility of being on the executive committee. You are the reality. We have not raised much money during this time. Even though the conch shell I had to spend cost Rs. It was during this period. No more commitments are coming. It's true We had some big projects. While completing those projects, there may have been some difficult conditions to lend.


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