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My marriage to BP during the tour: Shashank Koirala

Congress general secretary Shashank Koirala, who always appears in an informal dress, has been in discussion since being seen in the formal getup of Durasurwal at the party's Chiapana last Sunday. Many have started analyzing this getup by connecting it to the convention of the adjacent party.

Kulchand Neupane of Kantipur talks with Shashank on the political meaning and party leadership of the new getup:

Did you suddenly appear in a national outfit at a party tea party, does that make sense?
Looked like many. Probably the image of BP may have caught the eye. The first time I wore a daur was at my wedding. The suit came on behalf of his wife. That's where I sewed. Ba (BP) said, "Wherever it is, we have to start a tour." I said, 'I don't have a race.' He said, 'Take me.' And I was married to her son-in-law.

Don't wear it then?
Then specially logged. I only wear it occasionally. I should have applied 5/3 times. The last time was to attend a dinner in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The next day, I planted in Congress tea.

How did you feel?
Looks good. In everyone's eyes, I was laughing. Everyone is good.

Many have started analyzing your costume with the 9th convention. Is preparation really ahead?
Preparing I think leadership should change. To defeat Sher Bahadurji, we have to stand 1/3 in one place. Even if there are only two candidates from our side, Sher Bahadurji wins the same. Sher Bahadurji could not give any new vision to the party. That is why I have always believed that leadership should change.

Is it because the party president Deuba has not been able to provide a new vision or has he pointed out other weaknesses?
Mainly couldn't provide new vision. Party activities also did not go well. The party could not operate smoothly. So far, we have not been able to form a party department. Fraternal organizations, including the Navy, Tarun Dal, are lethal. Even the party's assembly did not go well. BP Koirala said that the system of presidency should be the law. The system to be elected president and all powers to be with the president were to be in the constitution. I was in favor of it, but all the officials except the Treasurer were arranged to come out of the election. This has weakened the chairman.

Even with nominations, it took more than two years to nominate an officer.
That's it

You don't talk much outside or inside the party. On the other hand, he said that party president should be removed as he could not provide visions and programs. How much work did you do as a minister yourself?
I have not spoken against Sher Bahadurji. Don't even speak What happens to the party if I start protesting like Sher Bahadurji? But, the convention is coming. We are preparing for it.

As General Secretary, what role did you play in moving the party forward?
I tried to unite the party. Sher Bahadur, Ramachandraji unite the party, otherwise I have repeatedly said that I am ready to do so as the future is dark. I have a vision for the development of the country. Currently, one million hectares of land is cultivable. While our product is nothing. Oliji tells Kathmandu to bring Lumbini train from Kathmandu. If we start to train on debt, we sink. What is our product? Will we be the only transit point in China and India? It may have a financial impact but if we do not have our own production then there will be no improvement.

There are too many factions in the party. Subgroups are also active within the same group. How do you fix it
First you have to look at yourself. We all need to realize that we have no future, united. Everyone should realize that we are doomed by factionalism. As the party unites, no one can beat it.

One to do, but how?
Self realization needs to be done. Everyone could understand that our future was united. BP Koirala has brought this party forward with a policy of reconciliation. The need for reconciliation is just as it is today.

What kind of understanding is there between you (the other establishment)?
On Wednesday evening we (the installation party) sat down. We all need to have the same feeling. Sher Bahadur must be forced to leave if we are one. Our group has come to the same conclusion. We should also turn our attention to bringing those who are closer to Sher Bahadurji. Ram Chandra Dai, Shekhar Da, Me, Prakash, Sitola, only one candidate should be given, no matter what.

Have your own preparation. Shekhar Koirala has been saying that I will fight. First, there was competition within the Koirala family?
Not so. We have to stand together. Not an option. One whose leadership is acceptable must go to that. This topic will be discussed further in the coming days.

Is there a competition between brothers?
Not so. Let us go wisely.

How much interaction does your brother (Shekhar) have?
Not the last time. Now let's talk.

How much is your preparation?
There is still one year left for the convention. I consult with friends across the country. I reach all the districts of the state. I visit friends from all over the district. I go through peer suggestions and advice.

After 4 years, the party was headed by the Koirala family for three years. From the 8th convention, leadership was passed on to non-Koirala families.

Do you now believe that there should be leadership from the Koirala family?
I don't trust the legacy that much. Corals don't have to. But with Coral, friends expect more. I say, hope, not faith. After you hope, you start sleeping under the sun. So trust all your friends, don't say no to hope. Only faith can come true.

Do you want to return the Koirala family heritage?
Legacy plays a major role in the Asia region. As a son of BP, I went fifty percent ahead of me. Legacy counts but I don't believe it. I believe that achievement can only be achieved if it is to reach its potential. Capacity does not provide legacy.

It plays a big role in winning elections, doesn't it?
Yes, it does. In a country like ours, the role of a great legacy is surely. Plays a role in leading. Comfortable but legacy doesn't work when it comes to leadership. At that time the ability is needed. Legacy only happens, without the ability to reach the leadership and not make a decision. Capacity should be increased. Being a BP son for leadership is easy for me. But, I have also earned the ability to move the country forward.

Do you mean that you are trying to raise the agenda of religion at the impending party convention?
There are many religious people in the area where I have contested. So in some cases it became my obligation to pursue this agenda. I believe that to be independent, not secular. Religion is neither absolute nor relative. Religion is free. One of the four stars in the flag of our party also means religious freedom. In the constitution, I mean that religious freedom should be amended by secularism.

Ready to raise this issue at the convention?
Pick up This topic must be raised.

While in the medical profession, did you hope to reach the leadership level of politics?
I stayed in the medical profession for two years. I was very satisfied with that. Never practiced in a private clinic. I stayed at Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj. That's where I was satisfied. After 5 years, I got a lot of pressure on politics. I also retired from my job. Press was done, not just with eyes, do politics. Girijababu also said that you are in politics. Then I came to the Central Executive Committee.

Do you think that as a central member of the Koirala family, I will be able to take over the legacy of the family?
The legacy is going away. I also have the ability to sustain. There is also a vision to make BP a dream come true. BP had taken the path of enriching the people. Inspired by that notion, I have even made a vision of agriculture.


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